Sports Tradex Tiered Games and Picks · July 18
July 18 | 11:33 am
With a full slate of games available, Friday night is always a great time to play MLB DFS. At Sports Tradex, we recently launched our tiered draft game. In this game, you pick players from 4 separate tiers (best players in Tier A, worst in Tier D). The kicker is you have the option of [...]
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Open Letter to DFS Affiliates · July 15
July 15 | 5:41 pm
This week we all witnessed the largest merger/acquisition in the young history of daily fantasy sports as DraftKings and DraftStreet agreed to pull their collective resources together.  The move was executed due to the recognition of strengths and weaknesses at each company, and the synergies that could be realized under a unified effort of assets [...]
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